4 Common Reasons for Failed Emissions Testing

4 Common Reasons for Failed Emissions Testing

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4 Common Reasons for Failed Emissions TestingEmissions standards seem to be growing tougher every year. This means that even the slightest miscalculations by your car's emissions system can end up causing a failure of its necessary emissions test. Fortunately many of the problems that end with vehicles failing are small issues that can be resolved rather quickly. These are four of the most common emissions control problems that may require emissions repair.

Failing EVAP System

One of the biggest issues has to do with the Evaporative Emission Control System, or EVAP, which prevents gasoline vapors from being released into the air from your vehicle. A broken, cracked or loose gas cap or a vacuum leak in the system will cause it to malfunction, resulting in a failed emissions test.

Bad Fuel Metering

Your car monitors fuel use in order to ensure a proper air-fuel mixture is created within the engine to keep it running smooth. If the computerized engine control or fuel injection unit fails or otherwise malfunctions the monitoring will be out of sync, which will cause the vehicle to fail because of an increased use of gasoline by your vehicle.

Bad O2 Sensor

A malfunctioning O2 sensor will not be able to properly monitor exhaust fumes. This sensor also helps ensure a proper air-fuel mixture, and if it isn't detecting oxygen it can cause overheating, poor acceleration or a loss of engine power. The reason the car will fail emissions is because a faulty oxygen sensor will result in increased emissions due to excessive burning of gas.

Rich Fuel Mixture

Carbon monoxide is the major pollutant produced by gas burning vehicles. If excessive amounts of it are detected in the vehicle, which occurs if your vehicle is burning too much gasoline, your vehicle will not pass emissions. This problem is often caused by a faulty mass air flow sensor.

If your car has failed an emissions test it will need to be serviced by an auto repair shop that conducts emissions repairs before being retested. For emission repairs in Lake City, GA head to Clayton Auto Service. Our full service auto repair shop will get your emissions system back in check in no time. To learn more about our services or to request an appointment for professional auto repair in Lake City give our friendly team a call at (404) 341-6487 today!

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