Is it time for Radiator Repair? 5 Signs that Say Yes!

Is it time for Radiator Repair? 5 Signs that Say Yes!

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Is it time for Radiator Repair? 5 Signs that Say Yes!Moments after firing up your car the engine is operating at extreme temperatures. Without the assistance of the radiator and the rest of the cooling system the engine would essential melt itself. This is why it is important that you pay attention to any possible signs of cooling system trouble. If you run into the following issues be sure to reach out to a qualified technician for further diagnostics and repair.

Rising dashboard temp gauge

One of the first things you'll likely encounter if the cooling system begins to have trouble is the dashboard temperature gauge rising. If you notice it starting to head for the hot zone be sure to pull over and give your car a rest.

Steaming hood

The next thing that you will likely encounter is white steam coming out from under the hood. This is a sure sign of overheating, which is what will lead to engine damage. As soon as it is safe and legal to do so pull your vehicle over and shut it off. Let the engine cool and contact a mechanic about your options for driving or towing.

Low coolant levels

Every once in awhile you should check your vehicle's fluid levels, including the coolant. Be sure to only check the coolant when the car is cool. If it is found that the coolant levels are low you may also notice one of the following issues, giving you more insight about what is happening with your cooling system.

White exhaust smoke

White exhaust smoke is often a sign that coolant is being burnt up in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately this may mean that your engine has suffered some pretty heavy damage, but get to a shop for expert diagnostics.

Coolant leak

If you find a puddle of bright, green, sweet smelling liquid under your car, you've probably just discovered a coolant leak. Be sure to clean up the mess, as this is a highly poisonous, yet very attractive fluid to animals, and then get in touch with the auto repair shop.

The cooling system consists of several parts, including the radiator, water pump, cooling fan, belt and hoses. If any of these are to fail your car will need to be serviced to prevent engine damage. To request expert cooling system or radiator repair in Lake City reach out to Clayton Auto Service. Our team excels at all aspects of auto repair, from the headlights to the exhaust pipe. Give us a call at full service auto maintenance facility a call at (404) 341-6487 to request a quote for professional auto repair in Lake City.

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