4 Signs it's Time for Fuel Pump Repair

4 Signs it's Time for Fuel Pump Repair

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Your vehicle's fuel pump's main responsibility is moving the gas from the gas tank to the fuel injectors so the gas can be mixed and ignited with air to produce the power that moves your car. If the fuel pump malfunctions it may result in a number of issues, the worst being the complete failure of the pump to deliver gas to the motor. This would result in a vehicle that can not start or will fail to run. Before the issue gets that serious be sure to pay attention for these symptoms of a problem with the car's fuel pump.

Decreased Power during Acceleration

Many times one of the first signs of fuel pump issues is decreased power while accelerating. As you begin move from a stop the engine may create some awkward noises or sputter, making the car jerk, or it may seem like the motor is going to stall and shut off. When the problem first starts you may find the car suddenly accelerating as normal as if the issue resolved itself, but really it is only just beginning and it will get worse!

High Speed Jerking

Another sign of a worn out fuel pump is if the engine sputters as you drive, especially while at highway speeds. If the vehicle is acting normal and suddenly begins to jerk back and forth it is likely a result of a loss of pressure inside the fuel lines. The first time this happens it will usually correct itself within a mile or so but the more you drive the worse this issue will get. Head to the repair shop anytime you experience weird driving problems.

Power Surges

While decreased engine power is much more common, you may also experience power surging. When driving your car it may seem to suddenly accelerate without any driver intervention, causing your car to act as if you put the pedal to the metal. This sudden rush of gasoline is dangerous because it can cause you to rapidly gain speed and result in a loss of ability to properly control the car.

Stalling & No Starting

When the pump finally fails completely it will not be able to deliver gas to the motor. This will prevent the engine from starting or continuing to run if you're currently on the road, meaning you better head for the shoulder.

If you've experienced any of these fuel delivery issues be sure to take your vehicle to an auto repair technician to have the problem properly diagnosed and repaired. For expert fuel pump repair in Lake City you will want to visit the team at Clayton Auto Service. We handle all repairs and maintenance for most makes and models. When you need expert auto repair in Lake City call Clayton Auto Service at (404) 341-6487 to request a quote!

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Written By Brian Corey

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