4 Signs you need Cooling System Repair

4 Signs you need Cooling System Repair

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Cooling System RepairYour vehicle's engine operates at extreme temperatures and in order to keep it from overheating the radiator pumps cooling fluid, also known as coolant or antifreeze, through it. If the radiator or another part of the cooling system springs a leak or fails in some capacity your car runs the risk of running too hot, which can cause major engine trouble. If you experience any of these signs of radiator or cooling system trouble contact your mechanic right away.

Radiator Discoloration

If you notice spots of discoloration on the radiator or surrounding engine parts there is a good chance that cooling fluid leaked or squirted from a small hole and the extreme engine heat boiled it away, taking the paint with it. When the liquid evaporates it leaves behind a burnt spot which can quickly start to rust.

Leaking Coolant Fluid

The most obvious sign of trouble is if you find a puddle of slimy green fluid in your driveway. Coolant is very attractive to pets and wildlife because it smells sweet, but it can be very deadly so it is important to clean up any coolant spills immediately. If you find a coolant leak you're at great risk of overheating.

Rising Temperature Gauge

If your vehicle's temperature gauge regularly reads hot there is definitely something wrong with your vehicle's cooling system. This is generally an indication of a faulty thermostat, but it could be one of a number of other issues.

White Smoke

If white steam starts coming out from under your hood be sure to pull over right away, as it likely means your vehicle is overheating. Overheating can lead to a number of major engine problems, including warped parts or a blown head gasket.

If you experience any of these symptoms of if your car has already overheated be sure to schedule an appointment to get the problem repaired right away to avoid more extensive damage. For expert radiator repair Lake City call Clayton Auto Service. The certified technicians at our shop can service any vehicle and they perform engine repair, brake repair, transmission service and much more. For professional auto repair in Lake City call (404) 341-6487 to make an appointment with Clayton Auto Service!

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