Must Have Diesel Upgrades

Must Have Diesel Upgrades

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Must Have Diesel UpgradesSo you're ready to make some upgrades to your diesel truck? There are quite a few things you can have done to your truck to increase its performance, but the following are some of the most popular. There are many kits available for Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet diesel trucks for these types of upgrades, but it is important to have a professional diesel mechanic install them to ensure the job is done correctly.

Performance Exhaust

A performance exhaust upgrade is a great first step for any vehicle going through modification. Aftermarket exhaust is a great way to improve the looks and sound of your diesel. To get the most out of your new exhaust consider a stainless steel system. This will not only increase performance but it will help add value to your truck.

Enhanced Fuel Injectors

While a new set of injectors may not make your truck look any better, it can certainly increase performance, especially on older trucks. Some late model pickups have gained upwards of 100 horsepower with a new set of injectors. While it may not be cost effective to install upgraded injectors in newer trucks, a little injector programming can go a long ways.

Air Intake Upgrade

Air intake upgrades provide increased airflow to the engine, which in turn produces more power. These systems can also add additional protection from dirt and debris that may make their way into the intake. One of the best things about intake upgrades is that many air filters that are used in these systems are reusable and can be oiled and cleaned to last a lifetime.

Exhaust Brake Kit

An exhaust brake may not add extra engine power to you truck, but it does add a lot of stopping power. By making the engine do the work instead of the stock wheel brakes you can increase the life of the pads and rotors by thousands of miles. And hey, exhaust brakes sure sound pretty sweet.

Diesel Turbo Upgrade

Perhaps one of the most popular upgrades for diesel trucks is enhancing the turbo. Turbo upgrades can be either single and twin turbo and often directly bolt-on, making installation a breeze.

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