Does your Vehicle Need Suspension Repair? 4 Signs that Say Yes!

Does your Vehicle Need Suspension Repair? 4 Signs that Say Yes!

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There are many systems within a car that work together to create a safe and reliable ride. One of these systems, the suspension, plays a very integral role in keeping the car ride not only comfortable, but upright! Suspension components will wear out after many miles of use and it is important that you take care of any issues that it may present as soon as they become known so that your vehicle remains safe to drive. If you experience any of these common signs of suspension trouble you visit a local auto shop as soon as possible in order to have the suspension repaired.

Bounce Test

If you believe that your suspension is starting to go out there's a small test that you can perform in order to prove your hypothesis. Start pushing on the hood or the trunk of the car and get the vehicle to bounce. Once you stop pushing the car should not bounce more than two or three times until returning to normal ride height. If the car continues to bounce long after that you can be positive that the suspension is having some serious issues.

Oil on the Struts

The struts in your vehicle utilize a special liquid in order to keep the car rides smooth. If this liquid begins to leak out, mostly because of general wear and tear that the suspension endures during normal operation, it will no longer be able to perform its function and the ride will seem very stiff. If your car seems a little bouncy be sure to check your struts for this leaking oil. If the oil is found on the outside of the struts they will need to be replaced, as they cannot be reused or refilled.

Rolling Sensation

One of the most important functions at the suspension is keeping the car upright during cornering. Part of the suspension is called the anti-swaybar, and it is what is tasked with this duty. During cornering it shifts the car's center of gravity to prevent rollovers, spinning out, or any other loss of control. If the anti-sway bar fails you may begin to feel a roller coaster like sensation in your stomach, or some other sort of feeling that you are going to roll over or lose control, during cornering, especially at higher speeds.

One Corner Lower than the Others

One of the more common signs of tired suspension is represented by one corner of the vehicle being lower than the others. At first you may assume that this is caused by a flat tire, but upon closer inspection and realizing all the tires have the correct amount of air in them the simple conclusion is worn suspension which will need to be replaced. It is necessary to take care of suspension issues as soon as they become apparent because of the fact that the system is so important to the safety and drivability, and of course comfort, of your vehicle's ride. For expert suspension repair in Lake City contact the technicians at Clayton Auto Service. We service all makes and models of vehicles, conducting routine auto maintenance and repair for all systems of the vehicle. If your ride is a getting a little rough let us help you out. Give Clayton Auto Service a call at (404) 341-6487 to make an appointment for affordable auto repair in Lake City, GA today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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