What's Shaking? Three Vibrations that Require Auto Repair

What's Shaking? Three Vibrations that Require Auto Repair

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What's Shaking? Three Vibrations that Require Auto RepairVehicles have quite a few ways of relaying problems to their drivers. Dashboard indicators can light up or a noise or smell could arise that lets the driver know of some sort of issue. Another way a problem can become apparent is if there is some odd vibration that occurs in the vehicle. Many problems can cause vibrations or shaking, but depending on what you're doing at the time the vibration occurs it may be somewhat easy to diagnose. Here are three common vibration problems in cars, trucks and SUVs that will require some sort of repair.

Gas Pedal Vibration

A gas pedal vibration most likely represents an exhaust leak. As exhaust fumes escape from a hole in a pipe or near the manifold the passing air will cause the vibration that can be felt in the gas pedal and sometimes is accompanied by a vibration in the steering wheel. The vibration will likely be felt during acceleration and there may be increased engine noise as well, depending on the size of the leak. Exhaust leaks are important to take care of because they may allow for hazardous fumes to enter into the passenger cabin.

Steering Wheel Vibration

A shaky steering wheel during regular driving is likely a sign of an alignment problem. Alignment issues mean that at least one wheel is trying to go in different direction than the others, which causes the steering wheel to shake. Alignment issues cause control problems, increase tire wear and can decrease your fuel efficiency, so get them repaired right away.

Brake Pedal Vibration

If you experience a vibration in the brake pedal as you slow your vehicle there is a good chance that you have warped rotors or extremely worn brake pads. If your rotors are warped it means that there is not a smooth surface for the brake pads to cling to in order to create the necessary friction to safely slow your vehicle. Any brake problems need to be taken care of immediately in order to promote safe driving conditions.

If your car shakes and rattles be sure to take it to the mechanic for proper diagnosis. if you believe that you need auto repair in Lake City due to a vibration you're experiencing come see the team at Clayton Auto Service. We'll conduct a thorough analysis to come up with a diagnosis for the issue and get it repair right away. To learn more about our auto repair shop or to schedule any type or professional auto repair in Lake City or the surrounding area give us a call at (404) 341-6487 today!

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