5 Signs it is Time for Brake Service

5 Signs it is Time for Brake Service

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That dome light that is out, sure that can be ignored for now. Radio won't switch to AM? That doesn't hurt the driveability of your car. Squealing brakes? It's time to head to the auto repair shop. The brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. They slow your vehicle with a tap of the foot, preventing accidents and injuries; well they do as long as they are in good condition. If you experience any of the follow signs of brake problems be sure to have a professional auto technicians check out the issue right away to keep your vehicle as safe as possible.

Squealing Brakes

If your brakes produce a grinding or squealing noise as you slow down be sure to head to the auto repair shop right away. This noise occurs when brake pads are greatly worn down, meaning that metal is grinding on metal.

ABS Light

If your ABS dashboard indicator light comes on it means there is some sort of a problem with your brake system. Bring your vehicle to an auto shop that has the necessary computer aided diagnostic equipment to find out what the root cause of the problem is.

Soft Brake Pedal

You shouldn't be able to easily push the brake pedal to the floor. If you can, and there is little reaction from the brakes it may indicate low brake pads. However it is likely being caused by a more serious problem such as air in the brake lines or a brake fluid leak.


Vibrations that occur when you hit the brakes are often caused by warped brake rotors. This means that there is a lack of surface for the brake pads to grab, reducing your vehicle's ability to slow in a reasonable distance.


Does your car jerk to the left or right when you hit the brakes? This can be caused by uneven wear of brake pads but it can also be caused by impurities in the brake fluid or a stuck wheel cylinder.

Never delay getting brake problems resolved. It is up to you to maintain a safe vehicle. If you need brake repair in Lake City bring your car, truck or SUV to Clayton Auto Service. Our expert technicians can tackle any issue with your brakes, engine, transmission or any other system for that matter. Call Clayton Auto Service today at (404) 341-6487 to schedule an appointment for affordable auto repair in Lake City for your import or domestic vehicle!

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Written By Brian Corey

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