Does My Car Need Exhaust Repair?

Does My Car Need Exhaust Repair?

Does My Car Need Exhaust Repair?

Few automotive systems are worked as hard as the exhaust, and it doesn't even have any moving parts past the valves inside the engine. This exhaust pipes are tasked with an important job, as they are designed to remove gases created by the engine and route them from the combustion chamber, underneath the passenger cabin area, through the catalytic converter, which turns them into less hazardous fumes, and then dumps them out through the tailpipe. Exhaust leaks can result in some major issues for vehicles, including decreased engine power and a drop in fuel efficiency. However a leak can also be detrimental to your own personal health and the health of other people in the vehicle.

Vehicle exhaust is deadly. Inhaling even a tiny amount could kill a full grown person. An exhaust leak could allow these gases to enter the passenger area. The gas that is harmful, CO2, has no color, taste or smell, so pay attention to the following signs of a possible exhaust leak and be sure to have an auto technician take a closer look to see if your vehicle needs repair.

Increased Engine Volume

Many times one of the first things that people will notice is an increase in engine volume if there is a leak. This will be most true during acceleration, especially while speeding up to get on the freeway. The noise is that of fast moving air escaping from a tiny hole or crack in an exhaust pipe. While it may make your vehicle sound great it is actually a massive problem. Exhaust leaks will suck power from the engine.

Gas Pedal Vibrates

Another usual sign of an possible exhaust leak is if the gas pedal vibrates. The bigger the leak the more it will shake. This vibration may also be felt in the steering wheel or throughout the whole vehicle if the leak is big enough. Anytime you experience odd vibrations it's a good idea to have them checked out by a professional auto mechanic.

Drop in Fuel Efficiency

A leak in the exhaust system can result in a large drop in miles per gallon. This is because the oxygen sensor, located near the end of the exhaust system, will not be able to take proper readings of the exhaust. A leak will allow for excessive oxygen to be taken account of, thus causing the O2 sensor to send a message saying that more gasoline is needed for the correct air/fuel mix, when in reality, it is not.

If you ever think that you have an exhaust leak don't hesitate to get the issue looked at. For muffler or exhaust repair in Lake City, GA you can trust the team at Clayton Auto Service to get your car or truck back to prime operating condition in a fast and affordable manner. Our talented auto repair technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing all sorts of problems with imports and domestics. Give us a call at (404) 341-6487 to request a quote for superior auto repair in Lake City today!

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