How to Restore MPGs

How to Restore MPGs

How to Restore MPGsDoes your car seem to be lagging in the fuel efficiency department? Are you spending more at the pump than you used to, or feel like you're spending more time there, anyway? There are a few maintenance services that you can have completed by your local auto repair shop to help restore your car's factory miles per gallon. Of course, good driving habits will also encourage better fuel efficiency!

Replace the Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is responsible for ensuring the gasoline that makes it into the engine is free of any debris or contaminants. Clean gasoline is essential for a well running automobile. If the filter becomes plugged your car will struggle for gasoline, causing it to run poorly, which can drastically reduce your miles per gallon.

Replace Dirty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are small ceramic and metal plugs that are screwed into the side of the engine and connected to distributor. They are fed an electrical charge which creates a small explosion to fire the pistons. They do this by igniting the air and gasoline mixture with an electrical charge. Depending on the size of your engine they can fire up to 3 million times every 1,000 miles traveled. A dirty or ill-gapped spark plug can misfire repeatedly resulting in large amounts of wasted fuel.

Properly Inflated Tires

Driving on tires that are are not properly filled up can increase your fuel consumption by two miles per gallon or more. This happens because your car's engine needs to work harder in order to turn the soft tires. Take your vehicle to a local repair shop and ask them to check your tires to make sure they are properly inflated to the correct PSI.

Replace the Air Filter

Be sure to check the status of your air filter. A dirty air filter won't allow enough air to mix with the gasoline, causing a fuel-rich mixture. This means your car is burning more gas than necessary and this could cause other potential damage inside your vehicle's engine.

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