Common Signs of Car Trouble

Common Signs of Car Trouble

Common Signs of Car TroubleIf your car is experiencing some sort of trouble it is likely going to be rather obvious to you, although some symptoms are more apparent than others. However, if there is something that gives you even an inkling of car trouble it is important to visit an auto shop right away. Putting off repairs could lead to more damage, breakdowns or even wrecks. If you encounter any of the following reach out to a professional mechanic for proper diagnostics and repairs immediately.

Performance Issues

There are a few key issues that could indicate trouble under the hood. This includes a drop in fuel economy, slow acceleration, a rough idle or even stalling. Don't hesitate to visit an auto shop if your car just isn't driving like normal.


There are many different types of noises that can indicate trouble on board. Some of the most common including howling or squealing brakes, which indicate low brake pads, or a grinding noise that occurs while shifting, a sign of transmission trouble.


Odd odors can indicate a variety of issues with your car. If you smell something similar to maple syrup it is likely your car is leaking coolant. A gym bag or dirty clothes smell can be a sign of mold growth in the HVAC system. A burning paper smell may mean it is time for a new clutch.


If your vehicle shakes and shimmies as you cruise down the road it is within your best interest to visit the auto repair shop in your neck of the woods. Common vibrations that mean trouble include a gas pedal that shakes, which is a sign of an exhaust leak, or a steering wheel that rocks back and forth, which often means your car has poor wheel alignment.


Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. If you notice a drip or a puddle collecting under your car be sure to get it checked out.

Indicator Lights

There are many indicator lights on your car that could mean trouble. This includes the check engine light, battery light, oil light, ABS light and many others. Any time a dashboard indicator light comes on you need to have it diagnosed.

If you are experiencing car trouble of any sort head to Clayton Auto Service for professional auto repair in Lake City, GA. We pride ourselves in being able to diagnose and repair any issue at our modern auto repair shop. To learn more about how we can help keep your car running great or to schedule auto repair in Lake City give our friendly team a call at (404) 341-6487 today.

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