Top Causes of Hard Starts and No Starts

Top Causes of Hard Starts and No Starts

Top Causes of Hard Starts and No StartsWhen it comes to car trouble, there are few things that are as annoying as a vehicle that won't start. The only fortunate thing about hard and no starting, is that it is often fairly easy to diagnose. Based off how the car reacts when you turn the key you can generally tell what is wrong with it. If your vehicle is hard to start, or won't start, be sure to visit a local auto repair shop that can perform expert diagnostics and repairs.

Fuel Delivery Issue

Your vehicle requires air and gasoline in order to fire up. If the combustion chamber is denied gasoline the engine will crank over and over without firing. The most common fuel issues are a failed fuel pump, a clogged air filter, or a clogged fuel injection system. Whatever the trouble, an expert mechanic will get it fired up.

Dead Battery

Perhaps the most common problem that prevents a vehicle from starting is a dead battery. In most cases a simple jump start will get the vehicle up and running if the battery died due to leaving the lights on or using the radio when the car is off. Though, batteries do die and need to be replaced after years of use.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is responsible for powering electronics as the car's engine is on. Excess electrical power is then stored in the battery to start the car. Common signs of alternator trouble includes trouble operating power windows or seats, a radio that won't work properly, or dim or flickering headlights. If the alternator fails completely the battery will be drained of its power, resulting in a car that won't start.

Malfunctioning Starter

When the key is turned power is sent to the starter motor. When charged, the starter actuates and engages with the flywheel. It then spins the flywheel to get the engine motion started, which allows it to run on its own. If the starter fails you will often hear a loud click or a series of clicking noises when you turn the key.

The first time your car's engine turns over longer than normal when trying to start it, or if nothing happens when you turn the key be sure to contact an expert technician for proper diagnostics. If you need no start or hard starting auto repair in Lake City contact Clayton Auto Service. We will have you back on the road in no time. Give us a call at (404) 341-6487 to schedule professional auto repair in Lake City.

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