What is a tune up and when does my car need one?

What is a tune up and when does my car need one?

Auto maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your vehicle healthy. If you check your owner's manual you will find that there is a calendar that informs you when your vehicle is due for certain types of services. This is called scheduled maintenance. However, sometimes your vehicle will need some attention in between major appointments. This is generally called giving your car a tune up. So what is this service and when should it occur?

What does a tune up consist of?

Tune up services are usually smaller maintenance issues that can be taken care of relatively quickly and affordably. The following are a few of the services your car would likely receive during a tune up.

  • New spark plugs - Spark plugs create a tiny explosion to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. If they become dirty or corroded they will misfire, resulting in a poor running vehicle.
  • New filters - Your car utilizes numerous fluids, many of which run through filters. Changing these filters will help improve the way your vehicle operates. This includes the fuel filter and the air filter.
  • Fuel injection services - Dirty fuel injection units can result in poor performance and weak fuel economy.
  • Battery services - If your battery is dying or if the terminals are becoming corroded battery services will help prevent hard starting.

When should I get a tune up?

There are a few times you will want to give your mechanic a call to ensure that your vehicle is running as best it can. If you experience the following issues be sure to get in for a tune up.

  • Hard to start vehicle - Hard starting can be caused by numerous issues, to find out what's wrong with your vehicle head to a mechanic for proper diagnostics.
  • Stalling or rough idle - If your vehicle sounds like it's about to shut off while you drive, or if it does, you'll need to get to the mechanic shop for tune up services.
  • Mileage points - Anytime your car is due for service be sure to get to the shop. Putting off maintenance is just a way to invite problems.

At Clayton Auto Service we offer expert tune ups in Lake City. As a full service auto maintenance shop you can count on us to take great care of your car, no matter what it needs. Give us a call today at (404) 341-6487 to schedule auto repair in Lake City.

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