Does my car need a wheel alignment?

Does my car need a wheel alignment?

Does my car need a wheel alignment?Following a run in with a curb or a large pothole you may find your car driving a bit different. These mishaps and more, including general wear and tear, can result in a need for a wheel alignment. This means that at least one tire is pointing in a separate direction from the other tires as your car travels. This will result in a vehicle that more or less tries to steer itself, which can be incredibly dangerous. Should you run into any of the following signs of wheel alignment problems don't hesitate to make an appointment with a qualified auto shop to have the issue resolved.

Drifting or pulling to one side

Does your car tend to drive to one side of the road or the other without you wanting it to? This is called pulling and can be described as hard or soft.

  • Hard pulling - Hard pulling is when you feel yourself fighting to steer the vehicle. You will be constantly pulling the wheel to center car in the road. This is incredibly dangerous because it prevents you from having proper control of your vehicle.
  • Soft pulling - While less noticeable, soft pulling is just as dangerous. The car will tend to drift lightly to one side of the road ever so slowly. The problem will continue to get worse if it is not addressed.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Another way to determine if your vehicle is if the steering wheel is shaking. This vibration is caused by the car trying to drive in two separate directions because at least one tire is pulling the car in an opposite direction as the other three.

Steering wheel is not centered

If you are driving straight down the road but the steering wheel is not centered then you likely need a wheel alignment.

Uneven wear of the tires

After experiencing any of the above issue it is a good idea to check the wear on your tires for confirmation. If you can visibly see that there is some sort of differentiating wear in one tire compared the tire on the other side of the vehicle you'll want to get to the shop for a wheel alignment ASAP.

Cars that are out of alignment can be difficult to control, which makes them dangerous. Be sure to have this issue resolved as soon as it becomes apparent. For expert wheel alignment in Lake City head to Clayton Auto Service. Our full service auto repair shop can handle anything your vehicle needs. Give us a call at (404) 341-6487 to make an appointment for professional auto repair in Lake City today.

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