Engine Diagnostics & Repair in Lake City, GA

Engine Diagnostics & Repair
in Lake City, GA

Domestic Auto RepairAt Clayton Auto Service we use state of the art computer diagnostic equipment to quickly identify issues with vehicles. No matter what you drive we have the tools and knowledge to figure out what is causing the problem and get it repaired quickly and affordably so you can get back on the highway. If you experience any problems that causes you to suspect engine trouble call Clayton Auto Service today at (404) 341-6487 to schedule an appointment for professional engine repair in Lake City.

There are a few common signs of engine failure to look out for. If you experience a loss of power, poor acceleration or a stalling vehicle this is likely caused by regular wear and tear over the years or by a lack of proper auto maintenance. Changing the oil on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer will help ensure the moving parts of your engine last many thousands of miles.

Excessive smoke from the tailpipe is a serious sign of trouble. Blue smoke indicates that your engine is burning oil, which reduces the amount of lubrication available and causes engine parts to wear down quicker. Black smoke means your car is using excessive amounts of gasoline. Call us right away if you notice thick clouds of smoke coming from the exhaust pipe to have the problem resolved before more serious issues arise.

Loud engine knockingLoud engine knocking or other noises can usually be attributed to worn out engine bearings. These bearings are what the engine's moving parts rest on and if they are not properly lubricated or wear out from high mileage they will begin to fail, which causes the knocking noise. If you experience any odd noises come see the pros at Clayton Auto service to have the problem diagnosed right away and to save yourself from bigger trouble.

If you experience any of these issues or other car trouble don't delay having our team of skilled mechanics take a look. We use modern computer diagnostic tools to quickly identify problems. When you need auto repair give Clayton Auto Service a call at (404) 341-6487. The certified technicians at our Lake City auto repair shop are capable of servicing all makes and models of vehicles!


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